Munir Ansay Pagoda

Munir Ansay Pagoda

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Price: Free
Phone: 02923 820 336
Time to visit a place: 120 minutes
Open Time: 8:00 AM
Close Time: 6:00 PM
Address: 36, Hoa Binh Street, Tan An ward, Ninh Kieu County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Munir Ansay Pagoda is a large Khmer pagoda in Can Tho city. This pagoda is not only one of the most beautiful pagodas of the Western Capital (Tay Do), but also a symbol of Khmer architecture. Munir Ansay Pagoda (Muni Răng sây) built in 1948 with simple bamboo materials, is located at No. 36 Hoa Binh Avenue, Can Tho City. After many times of restoration and reconstruction, the pagoda has the new appearance like today. It was not until 1954 that the new gates were modeled on the Three Treasures tower (Tam Bao), which is part of Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat complex and in 1964 the new hall was built. Like other Khmer temples, the main hall always turns east because the East is the direction of the gods in Buddhism. Every year, at Munir Ansay pagoda, there are major festivals namely Cholchonam Thomay - Lunar new year (March, 13th - 15th of the Chinese calendar), Ok-om-Bok (October of the Chinese calendar), Donta - ancestor worship festival (August of the Chinese calendar), Kathina festival and so on. These ceremonies are held joyfully and solemnly and there are also many folk games with varied forms for visitors to enjoy. Munir Ansay pagoda is the ...

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