Cổng TTĐT Du Lịch

Cooked Duck "Chao"


A famous duck cooking shop in Can Tho is known by local people. This place was built by Thanh Giao artist and made a brand that attracted many famous people to eat.
Hot pot soup made from red colander should be fat and sweet, the smell of colander is not too bold, so it is easy to eat. Duck meat is handled quite carefully so it rarely gets foul. Meat is delicious and soft (It is possible to leave a hotpot longer if you are afraid of day, depending on how you eat). Vegetables are also quite abundant, including tofu and peeled duck eggs.
The menu outside the hotpot of duck is also available in many different dishes. From the southerly dishes such as grilled snails with pepper, and three crabs to the bold food such as mango dried fish and snakehead, fried frog with fish sauce.
Spacious space than many other shops. However, there is nothing special, just rows of tables and chairs. The shop has a complete fan and mist system, so it is not afraid of hot weather when eating.
Staff attitude: The service shop is a bit slow and lacks customer interest because it is often crowded.


  • Address
  • 1/8, Ly Tu Trong Street, An Lac Ward, Ninh Kieu County, Can Tho City
  • Menu
  • Open time
  • 08:00 - 22:00


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