Vam Xang Orchard

 Vam Xang Orchard

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Price: 40,000 VND- 40,000 VND
Phone: 0292 3943 999
Time to visit a place: 120 minutes
Open Time: 6:00 AM
Close Time: 5:00 PM
Address: Nhon Loc 1 Hamlet , Phong Dien Town, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Vam Xang Orchard  is located in the town of Phong Dien, 10 kilometers southwest of Can Tho’s downtown. This area is blessed with favorable climatic and soil conditions for agriculture. According to owner, is also the tour guide, Tran Van Lien, his fruit garden is named after the nearby canal Xang Xa No, built in 1903. Vam Xang has typical features of Southern rural areas: a wooden gate, a bucolic path, and a guest house. As it’s cool all year round, visitors will feel refreshed at any time by a visit to the garden, they can stroll around the gardens to enjoy the fresh air, ripe fruit picked from the trees, and local specialties. Mr. Lien said, “It’s the practice of polyculture that makes Vam Xang different from other orchards in Phong Dien, which engage in only single types of fruit cultivation. Farmers in other gardens harvest only star apples in the winter, for example. But in Vam Xang there are about 40 types of trees, producing fruit all year round”. Abundant varieties of fruit, such as jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, starfruit, rambutan, and oranges, make the Vam Xang garden constantly changing and kaleidoscopic picture throughout the seasons. The burmese grape season occurs between March ...

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