Lung Tram Ecotourism Area

Lung Tram Ecotourism Area

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Price: Free
Phone: 0939888464
Time to visit a place: 60 minutes
Open Time: 7:30 AM
Close Time: 7:00 PM
Address: Highway 61C, Nhon Nghia Commune, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Just a few months in operation, Lung Tram Ecotourism Area (Highway 61C, Nhon Khanh Hamlet, Nhon Nghia Commune) became a favorite destination. With an area of ​​more than 31,000m2, the tourist area has a green to 90% coverage, keeping the right features of the Southern river with gardens and ponds. In particular, it has melaleuca with hundreds of trees to create a temperature balance on hot days. The pond system is longer than 1,000m, suitable for tourists to relax in the boats, experience the cultural activities typical of the river. Mr. Dang Ngoc Nhan, owner of Lung Tram eco-tourism area, said: “We designed the tourist area according to the available gardens and fish ponds, how to keep the beauty of the countryside to feel clearly features of the Southwestern region. Lung Tram currently has 4,000 trees of all kinds: Sanh orange, coconut, tangerine, longan, rambutan ... and gardeners are still growing more kinds of fruit trees, improving the system of ditches, arranging more landscapes, giving more many features of life, evoking memories, rural customs and practices. Countryside landscape in Lung Tram eco-tourism area. Photo: LAM

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