Giao Duong Ecotourism Garden

 Giao Duong Ecotourism Garden

Thông tin nhanh

Price: 20,000 VND- 20,000 VND
Phone: 0775867272
Time to visit a place: 60 minutes
Open Time: 6:00 AM
Close Time: 5:00 PM
Address: 159 ĐT923, Nhon Loc 1 Hamlet , Phong Dien Town, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

About 3 km from Phong Dien town, Giao Duong Ecotourism Garden attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, relax and especially enjoy fresh fruits. Giao Duong ecotourism garden is located in the shade of perennial fruit trees such as grapefruit, jackfruit, mango, durian, but the most attractive fruits are mangosteen and Ha Chau Burmese Grape, which is a speciality of Phong Dien. Many tourists visit Giao Duong ecotourism garden in the ripe Ha Chau burmese grape season to enjoy the sweet and slightly sour of this fruit. Many tourists come here and choose one of 20 shelters of the garden to enjoy the rustic food. Among them, deep fried gourami fish is the most favorite dish. In addition, visitors can fish by themselves. Coming to Giao Duong ecotourism garden, visitors can also watch some animals in lovely cages such as pythons, monkeys, porcupines, crocodiles, and iguana. Especially, visitors will be interesting to manually canoe the traditional wooden boats along the canals in the shady garden.

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