First Laureate Bui Huu Nghia Monument

First Laureate Bui Huu Nghia Monument

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Price: Free
Phone: 0292 38 20 955
Time to visit a place: 60 minutes
Open Time: 8:30 PM
Close Time: 4:30 PM
Address: 2, Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Bui Huu Nghia Ward, Binh Thuy County, Can Tho City

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Five kilometers from the center of Can Tho City, Bui Huu Nghia historical monument is one of tourist attractive destinations of Can Tho city. Bui Huu Nghia (1807-1872) whose pen-name was Nghi Chi was a poet and district chief who was honest and loved people. In order to build a place of worship for people visiting and showing their great admiration for Bui Huu Nghia, from 2010 to 2014 the People’s Committee of Can Tho City invested nearly 60 billion in upgrading and building his temple on the area of 10.000m2 on Huynh Man Dat street, Bui Huu Nghia ward, Binh Thuy district. The memorial area has been recognized as a National Historical Monument attracting thousands of tourists each year and become a symbol of patriotism education, inquiring mind and humble attitude for future generations. The memorial area of Bui Huu Nghia has four major works including three large buildings in which the worship house is in the center, the showroom is on the left, the guest house is on the right, and the stele house is at the entrance to record  his talent and virtue. His grave is located just after the worship house which has been upgraded with its dome and gravestone… The ...

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