Sau Hoai Rice Noodles

 Sau Hoai Rice Noodles

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Price: Free
Phone: +84 91 821 42 34
Time to visit a place: 60 minutes
Open Time: 6:00 AM
Close Time: 6:00 PM
Address: 476 Lo Vong Cung Street, An Binh Ward, Ninh Kieu County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Situated on the banks of the Rau Ram canal about eight kilometers from Ninh Kieu District in Can Tho City, lo hu tieu Sau Hoai (Sau Hoai's rice noodle factory) has recently been added to the itineraries of many tourists. Almost every day, between 5:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. groups of foreign backpackers arrive at the factory on vo lai (wooden boats operated with motors). They are soon followed by other groups who arrive on boats operated by tourist companies. It was estimated that hundreds of tourists visit the factory every day to learn about the technique of making hu tieu (rice noodles), eat several noodle dishes, visit fruit gardens, and buy handicraft items. Most of foreign tourists come here right after visiting the famous Cai Rang floating market. At the 5,000-square-meter factory, they visit a workshop where they can watch all the stages in making the noodles from washing, soaking, and husking rice to making thin sheets with starch, drying the sheets and cutting them into strips. Huynh Ngoc Diep, Hoai's second son, who can speak English, French, and German, acts as a tour guide explaining all the processes to tourists. The rice noodle produced by Hoai is the nationally famous hu tieu bot loc (tapioca rice noodles) which is chewy ...

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