Tan Loc Dong Temple

Tan Loc Dong Temple

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Price: Free
Phone: 02923 820 955
Time to visit a place: 60 minutes
Open Time: 8:00 AM
Close Time: 5:00 PM
Address: Tan Loc Ward, Thot Not County, Can Tho City

Giới thiệu

Tan Loc Islet is a fertile piece of land, located in the middle of Hau River. This place is not only famous with green orchards but it also preserves several works with different architectural styles, one of which is Tan Loc Dong Temple, situated at Tan My 1 Area, Tan Loc Ward, Thot Not District, approximately 40 km southwestern from Can Tho City center. After nearly 100 years of existence, the temple still remains its traditional cultural character. It is a special site in spiritual life of local residents in Thot Not District in particular and Can Tho City in general. Originally, the temple was built with simple bamboo leaves on Cat Islet (currently Tan Loc Ward) to worship gods. By early 19th century, when more and more people came over to Cat Islet to live, Tan Loc Dong village was founded. The temple was renovated and named Tan Loc Dong Temple. On 29 November, year of Nham Ty (1852), Tu Duc King deified Bon Canh Thanh Hoang to Tan Loc Dong village. Since then, the villagers had prosperous and happy lives. In 20th century, when the population was quite crowded, seeing that the temple was small in area and with inconvenient ...

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